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So one huge thing about Carol is that she can be very triggery. Her canon history includes severe domestic violence, child sexual abuse (of her daughter by her husband, which she knew about), and multiple instances of child death including one of her adopted kids that she had to kill herself. (I also believe her pre-canon history probably included abuse and neglect in her family of origin. I won't get into my reasoning here, but if anyone is interested then I'll be glad to elaborate.)

If anyone wants to opt out of threading with Carol altogether or would like me to avoid these subjects in tags as anything but a vague passing reference, please comment! If you care to get specific about what you want to avoid that's helpful, but a general "please don't get into triggery stuff" will be just fine. I want to respect people's boundaries regarding this.

I regularly put trigger warnings in the subject of tags that get into these topics, although sometimes if I'm threading with someone who I play with often I will forget. If such an oversight, or anything else, ever bothers you, feel free to call me out so that I can be more conscious and improve. The last thing I want to do is trigger anyone who is just trying to have fun.

Thank you for any commentary, advice, or thoughts you can contribute!


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