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[She'd split up with Rick without much fuss, but no one and nothing is keeping Carol from her family, who she sacrificed everything to protect. Not with ground-shaking blasts coming unmistakeably from the direction of the prison -- a tank, she finds out too late, as she drives up and sees the prison overrun, yard littered with corpses both fresh and long-turned.]

[Her eyes dart across the scene, heart pounding even as she is perfectly, painfully still. No use panicking. Much better to focus, keep her knife ready, and do what she can. Try to identify that movement darting off into the brush as friend or foe -- ]

[Mika, Lizzie...?]

[Not allowing herself to continue hoping in specific names, Carol starts off into the Georgia woods. Each step careful and deliberate, as little sound as possible, senses stretching. Sooner or later she'll hear something, a rustle or a moan or, just maybe, the echo of a familiar voice. Whether she'll be a welcome sight, well. That depends on a lot.]

Date: 2014-03-30 09:23 pm (UTC)
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[There is a rustle, and another-- too big and too regular to be coincidence-- and after a moment the undergrowth parts and a tall man steps into the edge of the clearing she's passing through, carrying a large length of pipe which has obviously seen a good bit of use.

He's not expecting to see another living soul; his eyes widen, but he doesn't let go of his weapon.]

Date: 2014-03-30 09:41 pm (UTC)
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[The knife, Isaak can respect; the fact that both of them are breathing hardly makes them friends. The living are no less a threat than the dead.]

Originally or most recently?

[he quips, keeping his distance, although he lowers his weapon slightly. It's as much of a gesture of peace as he's willing to make under the circumstances. The jest is perhaps made more obvious by his accent, British but with an underlying roughness.]

I've been heading north, as directly as possible. It's been some time since I've had a map at hand.

Date: 2014-03-30 09:57 pm (UTC)
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I was in Miami when the present situation began. Rather a dearth of other options.

[He shrugs, at ease as much as one can be when one is surrounded by shambling piles of starving decay, but there's a grim look in his eyes.]

I'd hoped I might find some safe harbour, but that seems less likely each day. And yourself?

Date: 2014-03-30 10:13 pm (UTC)
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[Truth told he'd have understood before all this began; but then, most people are not accustomed to expecting the sort of danger about them that he always took for granted. He wonders sometimes, whether criminals have had a higher survival rate than the general public in all this mess.]


[he asks, with some mild interest.]

Most groups I've encountered have been reluctant to undertake too long of a trip, with no guarantee that things are better elsewhere.

Date: 2014-03-30 10:33 pm (UTC)
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At least the weather might be preferable.

[He doesn't expect anything better, anywhere; the truth is he'd have liked to have gone home, to at least have had some familiarity about him, but the airports were among the first facilities to go and he doubts there's any way left in the world to make it to Kiev.]

I'm sorry to hear it. [But not surprised. He's seen any number of abandoned places in his travels; not only those left when the outbreak occurred, but the tiny camps survivors had made and defended and ultimately lost. He eyes her speculatively for a moment before seeming to come to a decision.] Well, as I've no reason to hurry-- would you care for some company, for a time?

[It's safer, not being alone, and she clearly knows the area better than he does.]

Date: 2014-03-30 10:54 pm (UTC)
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A better line of sight as well, I expect.

[He nods, and falls into step beside her, content to leave as much distance between them as she needs. Funny; he'd never been in the habit of respecting personal space, before. But he's not looking to intimidate, now. Anything but.]

What's your name?

Date: 2014-03-30 11:16 pm (UTC)
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Isaak, [he answers, unprompted, because for all his failings he's still inclined to be polite.]

No offense taken. I hardly expect you to trust me, much less your friends, should we find them.

[He shrugs, shifting his pipe to lean it on his shoulder for easier carrying.]

The most I'd expect is to be let alone to go on my way. And failing that, well.

[Then politeness would cease to be in the question, of course.]

Date: 2014-03-30 11:35 pm (UTC)
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[Isaak has been on his own since before all this; he'd lost the only thing that mattered before the world fell apart. He's a habitual survivor. He has no plans to lay down and let himself be eaten, but he is not very focused on building anything new. Really, his only plan has been to keep moving.]

Still. Those few of us left know not to expect open arms.

[Or to trust them if they find them.]

Date: 2014-03-31 12:48 am (UTC)
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Is that what you call them? I've just been calling them corpses.

[This is what small talk has become.]

Date: 2014-03-31 01:01 am (UTC)
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I suppose some variety is to be expected, with no way to communicate across distances.

[He still carries his mobile, for all the good it does. Though he's under no illusion it will ever work again, it's his lone bit of sentimentality: somewhere there is the last message Viktor ever left him.]

Are you from nearby?


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