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So one huge thing about Carol is that she can be very triggery. Her canon history includes severe domestic violence, child sexual abuse (of her daughter by her husband, which she knew about), and multiple instances of child death including one of her adopted kids that she had to kill herself. (I also believe her pre-canon history probably included abuse and neglect in her family of origin. I won't get into my reasoning here, but if anyone is interested then I'll be glad to elaborate.)

If anyone wants to opt out of threading with Carol altogether or would like me to avoid these subjects in tags as anything but a vague passing reference, please comment! If you care to get specific about what you want to avoid that's helpful, but a general "please don't get into triggery stuff" will be just fine. I want to respect people's boundaries regarding this.

I regularly put trigger warnings in the subject of tags that get into these topics, although sometimes if I'm threading with someone who I play with often I will forget. If such an oversight, or anything else, ever bothers you, feel free to call me out so that I can be more conscious and improve. The last thing I want to do is trigger anyone who is just trying to have fun.

Thank you for any commentary, advice, or thoughts you can contribute!
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For all your MID calling needs! (Pay no mind to the text on the GIF...)

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This is the master post for describing the TWD cast's farmhouse, located on Kauto, Region 2, residence #5. Anyone is free to add their own comments with pictures, descriptions of anything they add or decorate, or anything else!

Description and pictures herein )
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Post for off-game threads that don't fit anywhere else! Request are a-ok.
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[She'd split up with Rick without much fuss, but no one and nothing is keeping Carol from her family, who she sacrificed everything to protect. Not with ground-shaking blasts coming unmistakeably from the direction of the prison -- a tank, she finds out too late, as she drives up and sees the prison overrun, yard littered with corpses both fresh and long-turned.]

[Her eyes dart across the scene, heart pounding even as she is perfectly, painfully still. No use panicking. Much better to focus, keep her knife ready, and do what she can. Try to identify that movement darting off into the brush as friend or foe -- ]

[Mika, Lizzie...?]

[Not allowing herself to continue hoping in specific names, Carol starts off into the Georgia woods. Each step careful and deliberate, as little sound as possible, senses stretching. Sooner or later she'll hear something, a rustle or a moan or, just maybe, the echo of a familiar voice. Whether she'll be a welcome sight, well. That depends on a lot.]
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((OOC: Set in The Walking Dead TV canon, spoilers for Season 5, Episode 1. All are welcome, if you're not canon familiar this is a zombie-overtaken version of rural Georgia, outside Atlanta.))


[The smoldering, overrun compound that used to be Terminus is left behind as Carol jumps the fence and lets herself out, taking advantage of the heavy blanket flopped over barbed wire that Rick's group must have used. She ignores the screams of those still living and the inhuman growls of walkers as they feed themselves into a frenzy. It might seem cruel of her, if one was blissfully unaware of the goings-on inside those fences just before the flames and rampaging began.]

[A brief glance at the surroundings, assessing the footprints and parted underbrush (she picked up a few tracking skills... here and there... ) and quickly she determines which way they went. Carol was quite serious when she told Tyrese she has no intention of staying, but first she has to find them. Make sure her efforts were worth it and they all got out, and most importantly reunite Rick and Carl with Judith, Sasha with Tyrese. So she goes, stomach churning despite how calm she'd felt while unleashing destruction on Terminus and its twisted population.]

[She hasn't quite let go of the hope that she won't have to leave, but she's prepared to.]

[Her face and hair are caked with red clay, and she's wearing clothing covered in entrails -- not just spatter, but as though she rolled and splashed inside a fresh, open corpse. In one hand is an automatic rifle, in the other a crossbow. She looks like she's been through a brutal war.]

[She has. She won.]
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Teleios Timeline for Carol Peletier

Starting August 2016 )

August 2016
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Player Info
Name: Lena
Age: 33
Contact: Lenainverse
Characters Already in Teleios: None
Reserve: October 16

Character Basics:
Character name: Carol Peletier
Journal: [personal profile] dum_spiro
Age: early to mid-40's
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV series)
Canon Point: Season 5, episode 1 "No Sanctuary"
Class A: 450 years (Killing of many walkers, at least 5 human adults and one child directly and an unknown number indirectly (assumed 12-20), negligent homicide of two children, and several betrayals)
Class B: 20 years (multiple counts of theft, breaking and entering)
Class C: 25 years (concealed weapons, child endangerment, trespassing)

  • List crimes you’ve created for your character here.

  • GRAND TOTAL: 495 years

    Canon Character Section:
    History: Carol's pre-canon and canon history on The Walking Dead TV wiki.

    Carol Peletier is, through and through, a mother and protector. Prior to the outbreak that essentially caused the end of civilization and the reanimation of the dead as walkers, Carol was trapped in an abusive marriage to a man who demeaned and controlled her and their daughter, Sophia. Both in spite of and due to her circumstance, Carol found herself constantly looking out for others, be it her innocent daughter and herself, or strangers they meet on the road while trying to seek shelter in Atlanta after the outbreak. Upon meeting Carl and Lori, Carol offers a hungry Carl some of the MREs that her husband, Ed, packed in their car for survival; even after Ed cruelly refuses to allow it, Carol tries to find other ways to assist her new friends.

    Once finding her family among a small band of survivors taking shelter in a quarry outside Atlanta, Carol takes on a role of caregiver and helper to the group. She helps Lori to watch Carl and also is a makeshift tutor for the children as there is no formal schooling for them to attend. Even after losing her only daughter first to disappearance and then to walkers, Carol has given her life new meaning by protecting others and becoming a den mother to the survivors. She is able to see past her own grief and helps prepare a thank you dinner for Hershel and his family for allowing the group to stay at the farm, and continues to care for and look after others once they move to the prison. She eventually takes it upon herself to teach the children in the prison to use knives and weapons in the hopes that they will learn to protect themselves rather than be victims to the unsafe world in which they now live. Carol has learned that weakness gets you killed, and so one must never be weak. Even children.

    Carol's protective nature even extends to extreme lengths. When an illness breaks out among the close quarters of the prison Carol takes it upon herself to kill and burn the corpses of the two infected individuals in hopes that the illness would not spread. She failed in her goal and regrets that it came to such drastic action on her part, but Carol feels justified in the killings because it was what she felt had to happen in order to save the rest of them. Carol also tearfully kills the young girl to whom she had taken on the role of surrogate mother when it becomes clear that Lizzy is too deluded and dangerous to be around others. She put it off as long as she could, however -- Carol knew something wasn't right about Lizzy, but it wasn't until Lizzy killed her little sister that Carol accepted what had to be done and convinced Tyrese that she was right. Although she prefers and attempts to seek other avenues, Carol believes in taking action to protect those she loves, even if they themselves may not understand her reasons.

    Over the course of the series, Carol finds her strength and independence. While at first she is relatively isolated because Ed prevents her from becoming too friendly with the rest of the group, following Sophia's disappearance she is forced to rely on others. Initially she sticks to the other women, specifically Lori whom she relates to as a fellow mother, but she quickly develops a kinship with Daryl, perhaps the least likely person in the group one might expect. Daryl never loses hope that they will find Sophia, providing Carol with a sense of hope. Although her hopes are eventually dashed when they find that Sophia was long ago turned undead, Carol never forgets Daryl's wholehearted attempts at finding Sophia, even at nearly the cost of his own life.

    Carol's bond with Daryl extends far beyond the search for Sophia. When Daryl briefly chooses to leave the group upon finding his brother alive, Carol understands and forgives this action (as Daryl said she would). She knows how men like Daryl's brother, men like her husband, can draw you in and make you feel like there's no other way. And she respects Daryl for choosing the only family he has left, Carol knows that's a quality that their bleak world needs.

    Carol has evolving feelings toward those that take over leadership of the group. At times she questions the direction Rick takes the group in, even blaming him for Sophia's disappearance. Soon after losing Sophia for good Carol struggles with making dfficult decisions, telling Shane and Rick to make a decision about whether to kill a possibly dangerous captive while leaving her out of it. She adopts a more pragmatic, world-wise attitude in the harsh winter that follows, in which she not only accepts Rick's leadership but embrace an active role in the group, taking part in killing walkers and protecting the others. She is able to see that in the post-apocalyptic world sacrifices are necessary and comes to respect Rick's decisions. Eventually she takes on her own leadership role, quietly and consistently doing whatever needs doing for her new "family," whether that be laundry, babysitting, fortifying their encampment or even killing walkers or other people as necessary. As she admits, there is absolutely nothing she would not do for the good of their group.

    Her attitude over the course of the series becomes somewhat jaded as a consequence of the losses she has suffered. Carol has come to believe that being weak and pacifistic in the wake of the reality they face is nothing but a quick path to getting killed and goes to various lengths to convince Lizzy and Mika, the surrogate daughters she adopts, that they need to be ruthless when it comes to killing walkers. Carol states that her daughter Sophia died because "she didn't have a mean bone in her body," implying that she believes some degree of detachment and ruthlessness is necessary to survive.

    That is not to say that she takes pleasure in such acts. Carol is clearly emotional over the deaths she has caused and is ready for Tyrese to kill her for what she has done, if he deems it appropriate. She feels the sting of loss keenly, but has been forced to accept it as a reality of this new world she's living in. And she does intend to continue surviving as long as possible. It's all she can really do anymore.

    Powers/Abilities: Carol is without supernatural abilities. However, she has adapted to survive in a post-apocalyptic world by gaining skills in shooting and blade-wielding. Carol has also been shown to have some limited first-aid skills. She is able to hunt and scavenge materials for basic survival.

    Appearance: Carol in the TV series is played by Melissa McBride, at this point in canon she has a somewhat unkempt appearance, short hair and simple clothing. Often prioritizing survival over bathing, she can become somewhat soiled by both walker (zombie) attacks and travel on foot through overgrown terrain.

    CR AU

    Game You’re Transferring CR from: Teleios during her previous stay

    How has your character changed from their canon self? She is aware of the existence of Teleios and the basics of how it works, she has disclosed some of her canon actions to castmates from previous canon points and been forgiven to some degree.

    Are they gaining any abilities from their time in game? Did the game setting take something from them? N/A

    Actionspam Sample:
    Sample threads here.

    Prose Sample:
    If before the outbreak Carol had written out a list of things she'd never be, her current situation would only not have topped the list for sheer ridiculousness. After all, in what circumstance would she be walking through the woods carrying two automatic weapons and a crossbow, wearing clothes slathered in foul-smelling entrails of the undead as she exits a burning wreck of a compound which she herself is responsible for blowing up? Even in a world composed of formerly impossible things, this is as surreal as it gets.

    It was necessary, she tells herself for the hundredth time. Terminus was an evil place full of evil people who were going to kill Rick and Daryl and Glenn and whoever else was accompanying them in that train car. Carol couldn't let that happen and so she did something that should be unthinkable, something horrible, because she simply had to. It's not at all the same as what that woman in the candlelit room was telling her, that Terminus had to become a place that lures innocents to a brutal death so they could be cannibalized. Not the same at all. And that Carol killed some of the people responsible... it's just not the same.

    She's almost getting used to the stench on her clothes, since it's the acrid smell of the smoke that's getting to her. That alone is motivation enough to pause -- after a glance around, she's alone, it's safe enough for the moment -- unshoulder her various weapons, and begin divesting herself of the soiled garment she'd worn over her clothes. A small water bottle in her pack helps rinse the dirt from her face and hair and the residue of walker guts from her hands. Under her nails is a thick coat of grime from having her hands inside a fresh walker cadaver. She can't get it out without spending time she doesn't have so she tries not to think about it.

    Impassively, she stands and gathers her items, taking special care with the bow, and sets off once again.

    The group isn't hard to track even with her limited skill; there's got to be ten of them at least, and in a hurry, the underbrush is a mess of broken twigs and layers of footprints. An overrun spray of purple-flowered weeds that Carol is staring at for unknown duration, frozen mid-step, before she realizes and trudges on. She has something to do now, and after it's over maybe she'll have all the time in the world to get utterly lost.

    Finally she can hear the group in the distance, debating over whether to return to the smoldering husk of Terminus and finish off the stragglers. Carol is exhausted just hearing it, this same conversation they've had too many times. Once she tried to absolve herself from it and now she takes it upon herself, no chatter necessary. The greater good isn't as uplifting as it once sounded.

    Carol swallows against the lump in her throat and approaches, steeling herself for the hardest thing she's done today.
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